Model - SH3

Sliding Coping Attachment Model SH-3

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SH-3 is a heavy duty professional grade sliding coping attachment intended for everyday use and is designed to last a lifetime. SH-3′s capabilities allow it to be used for coping cuts for either cabinet or house door (entry door).
This coping attachment is intended to mount on fixed table shaper or on router table to make precision cope cuts or cross cuts.


  • Maximum width of stile                                  13 7/8”
  • Maximum material thickness                         2 1/2”
  • Sliding table travel                                        16 3/4”
  • Stock height (sliding table surface height)    1 3/8”
  • Overall dimensions                                       23 5/8″ x 11 x 8 1/4″
  • Net weight                                                    31 Lbs
  • Shipping weight                                            42.5 Lbs

Advantages of this design:

1. Fast and easy installation using two bolts included.
2. Safe to operate – does not require holding down into the groove of the table. The only operation necessary Is to push forward.
3. Can be used on shaper without groove.
4. Clamping bar distributes force evenly across the width of the stiles (flattens stiles if necessary).
5. Simple adjustments for different thickness of wood.
6. Tear out free operation thanks to additional side clamp that holds wooden stop (wooden stop can have cope edge on one side).
7. SH-2 rides on real dust proof maintenance free linear bearings which allow smooth precise operation with little resistance (no sloppy feeling in movement).
8. Comes will all necessary mounting hardware and wrenches.