Miter Door System Set

Miter Door System Set

PRICE: $1760
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Miter set includes 2 extra inserts at no charge

Our new mitered door system is intended to make high quality mitered doors in easy and fast way (please watch youtube video for demonstration).
Thanks to shape of cutting profile system can be used for either solid wood or MDF doors.Deep profiles make joints very strong and perfect flat.
Rails and stiles are easy to clamp it together by using regular “C” type spring clamps,which provides enough clamping force.
No dowels are necessary and glue can be applied to one surface only.Miter cut can be made on any miter saw ,because cutter is fixing any imperfections.

Miter Door System Set includes:

  • SH-2 Coping Attachment
  • MP-1 Miter Plate
  • M1-100-1.25 Cutter Head
  • QS-1 Quick Set Up
  • Additional set (2 pcs) inserts for Cutter Head at no additional charge